R &E Final Report

On January 29, the Basic Research Office released the final report from the Future Directions in Human Machine Teaming Workshop in July 2019.

This workshop convened researchers in the cognitive science, computer science, and human-oriented design communities to discuss opportunities and challenges for developing artificial agents that are built and designed around human cognition rather than systems developed independently. The final report, written by workshop Co-chairs Drs. John Laird (University of Michigan), Charan Ranganath (University of California, Davis), and Samuel Gershman (Harvard University), is intended to be broadly disseminated, allowing those from the academic community, the DoD enterprise, federal partners, and other stakeholders to gain a high-level perspective of the opportunities in this inter-sectional research space.

The final report is available on the Basic Research Office website: https://basicresearch.defense.gov/Programs/Future-Directions-Workshops/.