Combat Feeding Research & Engineering Board (CFREB)

CFREB Definitions

Combat Feeding Engineering

Advanced Component Development and Prototypes accommodating technology transition from the laboratory to operational use and System Development and Demonstration (BA 5) where end item performance is near or at planned operational system levels. Projects are required to maintain and operate the DoD Food Service Program (distinct from research), to support the combat ration, tactical food service equipment and field food service systems acquisition program, to publish food service system and nutrition standards, and to conduct nutrition education programs.

Combat Feeding Research

Basic and applied food science and nutrition, nutrition education, tactical food service equipment and field food service systems research, and advanced technology development (BA 3) programs carried out by the Department of Defense, or by other Government Agencies at the request of the Department of Defense, to provide new or enhanced combat feeding capabilities and to upgrade and improve the DoD Food Service Program.

Food Service

Includes nutrition, acquisition and distribution of food supplies and equipment, menu and recipe planning, meal preparation and serving, sanitation, design and layout of facilities, personnel, training, and accounting and reporting.

CFREB Organization & Management

The Board shall:

•  Consist of representatives of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marine Corps and the DLA, each of whom shall have one vote.
•  Be chaired by the DDR&E or designee, who shall vote in case of ties.
•  Invite the attendance of observers from other DoD boards or committees or from other Federal Agencies with interests in DoD combat feeding R&E.