Welcome to Operational Energy – Innovation (OE-I)

Operational energy initiatives enable capabilities – range, endurance, payload, speed, survivability

OE-I evaluates energy and power technologies from basic research through procurement.

  • Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF) (link)
  • Energy & Power Community of Interest (link)
  • Interagency Advanced Power Group (link)


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Building partnerships throughout the U.S. Government ensures the best of breed solutions.

  • DoD DASD Energy (link)
  • NDCEE (link)
  • CWP(link)
  • RRTO(link)
  • DOE Fuel Cell Office (link)

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OE-I helps to fund the Defense Energy Certificate distance learning program, building the next generation operational energy specialists.

  • How to Enroll (link)
  • Naval Post Graduate School (link)
  • Air Force Academy (link)
  • Army West Point (link)

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    • OECIF Tech Exchange: August 17 (link)
    • OECIF Proposal Submissions Due Sept 15 (link)
      • White papers received (~60 days) – end of Aug 2019
      • Round 1 down-select (~30 days) – end of Sep 2019
      • Finalist prepare presentations (~30 days) – end of Oct 2019
      • Round 2 Proposal Presentations;  select Project – Nov 2019
      • Announce Award – Dec 2019
    • Christmas: December 25(link)
    • Etc.