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OECIF Operational Energy Capability Improvement Fund (OECIF)


OECIF provides funding on a competitive basis to DoD organizations to conduct cooperative research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) projects.

The goals of OECIF are to:

  • Develop operational energy technologies that improve military capabilities
  • Transition these technologies to programs of record with the different DoD branches

Through an annual competitive process, OECIF selects projects that increase DoD capabilities in support of operational or technological objectives. OECIF projects enable project teams to advance a technology to the next stage of development or prepare for transition to one or several DoD branches.


Partner with OECIF

Annual Proposal/Sprout Competition Cycle

June Call for Initial Project Proposals/Sprouts
July Development and Refinement of Proposal/Sprout (White Paper and Quad Chart)
August Project Proposals/Sprouts Submitted/Reviewed by OUSD R&E
September Finalists Notified, Development of Full Project Proposals/Sprouts
October Selected Project Proposals/Sprouts Down-Select
November Selected Project Proposals/Sprouts Notification
December Selected Project Proposals/Sprouts Funding and Kick-Offs


OECIF Proposal Submission Process


OECIF Downloadable Flyer

Responsiveness to DoD Needs:

OECIF works with DoD experts to ensure projects meet Combatant Command and DoD needs. In most cases, technologies or outcomes developed under OECIF projects are not region-specific, but rather benefit the DoD in multiple theaters.


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