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Operational Energy – Innovation (OE-I)


  • Conducts advanced research and jointly develops/demonstrates new concepts, techniques, and capabilities to address mission-resilient, energy-relevant solutions for warfighting systems – early / dedicated investment consistently shows significant returns through shaping combat capabilities of power projection
  • Develops new analytic tools to support more informed decisions
  • Develops new education and training material to prepare forces and encourage R&D
  • De-risks technology sufficiently to attract further Service, other agency, or industry investment – initiates investments and builds cooperation where Services can’t or won’t
  • Addresses Joint requirements and capability gaps
  • Delivers warfighter capabilities across the Services
  • Partners with all Services (and Laboratories), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Department of Energy (National Laboratories), Academia, and Industry to bring best of breed solutions to warfighters - ensures efficiencies through multi-use applications across Services and joint learning across laboratories
  • OECIF relies on the laboratories competitive process to bring industry into the OECIF proposal/sprout selection process
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