Welcome to Trusted and Assured Microelectronics (T&AM)

TAM LogoTrusted and Assured Microelectronics -application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) and modern system onchip (SoC) technologies made possible by advanced silicon semiconductors - have transformed modern life, allowing for massive computation and communication capabilities, powerful personal and cloud computing, and safer and more automated financial, social, transportation, and infrastructure systems. The rate of innovation and capability improvement is staggering, as is the rate of adoption around the world, dramatically increasing the demand for the production of advanced semiconductors.

Recently the rapid year-over-year improvement in semiconductor technology and SoCs has begun to slow. The cost of process and equipment upgrades has become very expensive, causing state-of-the-art foundry operations to consolidate into a few large international companies. Increasingly, foundry operations reside in Asia. As a result, the lack of long-term availability of U.S.-based trusted foundry services for advanced nodes has become a concern and an impediment to DoD innovation and ASIC development.

This concern presents an opportunity for the Department to find a way to reduce barriers to employing mainstream electronics while ensuring and protecting critical defense technologies and manufacturing where necessary. Over the past several years, the Department has reevaluated trusted and assured access to advanced node foundry production. The Department's goal is to incorporate ASIC and SoC capabilities offered by commercial industry while maintaining the integrity and security of defense systems to achieve more rapid modernization while reducing the size, and increasing the performance, of DoD systems.



T&AM/MINSEC Project Areas

Access to State of the Art Commercial Technology

Best practices for secure design, assembly, packaging, and test capabilities to support DIB and co-development of dual use electronics


Data Driven Quantifiable Assurance

Full lifecycle confidentiality, Integrity, verification & validation, and supply chain security for assured warfighters electronics


Address DoD Unique Needs

Develop sustainable sources of mission essential niche rad-hard electronics capabilities, and specialized radio frequency and electro-optic components


Create a Resilient and Robust Pipeline

Invigorate secure pipeline for disruptive R&D transition, supply chain aware technology development, education and workforce