Maintaining Technology Advantage (MTA)

The Science and Technology Program Protection Office's Maintaining Technology Advantage (MTA) Directorate leads Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to balance the promotion and protection of critical and emerging technologies (C&ET) throughout the technology development lifecycle. These MTA efforts ensure that the U.S. maintains worldwide leadership in C&ET, which are foundational to the unquestioned superiority of the American joint forces. MTA collaborates closely with the other elements of the National Security Innovation Base (NSIB) - to include the Military Services, other DoD offices, the U.S. defense industry, and the U.S. academic/research enterprise - to identify and implement best practices, policies, mechanisms, strategies, and standards that protect U.S. technological advantage, foster U.S. technological development, and mitigate exploitation by strategic competitors. The following sections highlight major MTA initiatives and lines of effort.

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