Welcome to Research & Technology

Our Vision:

Posture the R&D Enterprise to create far-reaching technology innovations and set them on a trajectory to create U.S. military technical advantage
•  Resource cross-cutting and joint research
•  Seed pursuit of new technology areas based on analysis of emerging strategic environment
•  Establish policies and procedures that facilitate the advancement, protection and transition of technology


Our Goals:

  • Goal #1:  Align with modernization priorities
  • Goal #2:  Ensure appropriate technology pipeline
  • Goal #3:  Create technology advantage
  • Goal #4:  Develop 21st Century Technology Industrial Base
  • Goal #5:  Create 21st Century S&T Enterprise
  • Goal #6:  Strengthen Collaboration

About Us

The Director of Defense Research and Engineering for Research & Technology (DDR&E(R&T)) is the principal advisor to the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD(R&E)) on all of the Department’s Research and Technology investments. The DDR&E(R&T) oversees the Department’s entire Science and Technology (S&T) portfolio and ensures that DoD’s S&T enterprise is postured to develop the next generation of game-changing technologies and enable rapid delivery of superior capabilities to the warfighter. As the proponent for the DoD S&T Enterprise, the DDR&E(R&T) serves as the chief steward and advocate for the Department’s S&T workforce and laboratory infrastructure, oversees the Department’s Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC) and University Affiliated Research Centers (UARC), and cultivates the next generation of S&T professionals for the Department. The DDR&E (R&T) also leads the Department's work to create DoD's technology advantage. DDRE(R&T) is the principal advisor to the USD(R&E) on the Department’s critical technology protection policy and oversees the health of the Defense technical industrial base to ensure that industry is postured to support DoD’s future technology and capability needs.

Research and Technology Leadership


Dr. Milan "Mitch" Nikolich,  Director of Defense Research and Engineering

Dr. Milan “Mitch” Nikolich is the Director of Defense Research and Engineering for Research and Technology and serves as the principal advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering on all of the Department’s research and technology investments. He also serves as the Mission Area Advisor for National Defense Strategy technology development implementation and oversees activities in Microelectronics, Cyber, Quantum Science, Directed Energy and Biotechnology. He establishes the Department’s annual strategic Science and Technology investment strategy, issues policy and guidance for aligning the Department’s Science and Technology investment to this strategy, and conducts reviews to ensure progress toward the Department’s goals.  ...READ MORE


Ms. Mary Miller, Principal Deputy

Ms. Mary J. Miller is currently the Principal Deputy, Director of Defense Research and Engineering for Research and Technology (PD, DDRE(R&T)). In April 2016, she joined the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics as the Principal Deputy (PD) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. As the PD, she is responsible for the Department of Defense (DoD) research and development strategies and plans to develop and leverage technologies needed to ensure U.S. technological superiority.   ....READ MORE

The Office of Research, Technology, and Laboratories (RT&L) fosters innovation, unparalleled technical expertise, and technological dominance for the Department of Defense through leading-edge S&T research programs, stewardship of laboratories and research institutions, development of a superior S&T workforce, engagement with other government agencies, industry and academia, and cooperation with international allies and partners.


Strategic Technology Protection & Exploitation

The Office of Strategic Technology Protection and Exploitation (STP&E) promotes enduring warfighter and technological dominance enabled through superior mission systems resilient to exploitation; a competitive, assured national security innovation base; and preservation of technology advancements and practices.

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) collects, preserves, and integrates research and development data to enable trusted collaboration and information sharing within the research community in order to accelerate innovation delivery to our Warfighters.

The mission of the Defense Science and Technology Reliance 21 Initiative is to ensure integrated and coordinated strategic planning for the Department of Defense S&T program. Through the collaborative efforts of Communities of Interest and guided by the S&T Executive Committee (S&T ExCom), Reliance 21 continuously aligns our S&T investments to support the warfighter priorities and capability gaps, which the Department can only accomplish through the coordinated efforts of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Military Departments, and Defense Agencies.

The Technical Cooperation Program

The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) is a five-nation, defense innovation network that harnesses science and technology in support of the national defense and security of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The US Principal and Deputy within TTCP are provided by DDR&E(R&T).

US-UK Stocktake

The US-UK Science and Technology (S&T) Defense Review, also known as the US-UK S&T Stocktake, strategically directs and balances short- and long-term S&T priorities, responds to emerging threats and opportunities, and ensures that collaborative activities complement those done in wider multilateral engagements. The US Principal and Deputy to the US-UK S&T Stocktake are provided by DDR&E(R&T).

Applications for the SMART Fellowship are Officially open!

August 5, 2019

Applications for the SMART Fellowship are Officially open! Science Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) The SMART Scholarship-for-Service Program was established as a concentrated effort to enhance the Department of Defense (DoD) workforce with talented, innovative and brilliant scientists, engineers and researchers. For over a decade, SMART Scholars have been working within labs and agencies…

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Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

July 25, 2019

We are thrilled to host the #PECASE winners at the awards ceremony this week! 314 early career researchers from across the Nation are receiving this highest recognition from the U.S. government for their science and technology leadership. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-announces-recipients-presidential-early-career-award-scientists-engineers/) whitehouse.gov/briefings-stat…

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DoD Announces FY2018 Minerva Research Initiative Awards

May 18, 2019

Press Operations The Department of Defense continued its history of strong support for fundamental research by selecting 12 faculty investigators for awards through the FY2018 Minerva Research Initiative. Learn More

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Research on the Brain

May 13, 2019

2018 Vannevar Bush Fellow Adam Cohen’s research into an extraordinary light emitting protein has allowed real-time movies of electricity passing around the brain. Photo credit: Tech Times There was an organism discovered in Israel in the 1980 with a primitive form of photosynthesis due to a single protein that could convert light into electricity. Reverse…

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Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship

May 13, 2019

The DoD Basic Research Office (BRO) announces the 2019 Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship (VBFF) Spring Meeting  held on April 29 & 30, 2019, at the Strategic Analysis, Inc. The Basic Research Office conducted annual review of the Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship program on 29-30 April in Arlington, VA.   Over 120 attended including over 40 the program…

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Pentagon Showcases It’s Organic Laboratories

April 25, 2019

David Vergun WASHINGTON, DC – The Defense Department’s organic laboratories develop weapons, medical technology and other equipment. Hundreds had exhibit booths set up in the Pentagon courtyard as part of its biennial DOD Lab Day today. Learn More

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DoD Announces Award for Stem Education and Outreach Efforts

April 16, 2019

Press Operations WASHINGTON, DC – The Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced the award of the Defense Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Consortium (DSEC) cooperative agreement. The cooperative agreement was awarded to Research Triangle Institute (RTI), who will receive up to $15 million a year over the course of five years. Learn More…

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