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U.S. Marines with the 6th Communications Battalion set up a Phoenix satellite terminal Aug. 27, 2010, in Grafenwoehr, Germany, in support of Combined Endeavor. Combined Endeavor is an international communications interoperability exercise. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Tim Chacon/Released)



Basic research leads to new knowledge. It provides scientific capital. It creates the fund from which the practical applications of knowledge must be drawn. New products and new processes do not appear full-grown. They are founded on new principles and new conceptions, which in turn are painstakingly developed by research in the purest realms of science.

Human Systems

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In the Human Systems Directorate, we believe that DoD technologies are developed to extend the capabilities of the human, enhance the capabilities of the human, sustain the human, or repair the human.


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The major goal of the HFE TAG is to provide a mechanism for the timely exchange of technical information in the development and application of human factors engineering by enhancing the coordination among Government agencies involved in HFE technology research, development, and application. The HFE TAG also assists, as required, in the preparation and coordination of tri-service documents, and sponsors in-depth technical interaction, which aids in identifying HFE technical issues and technology gaps.