The FutureG Office within the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering is responsible for the strategic assessment and research and development of FutureG technologies to confer long-term economic, military and security advantages to the United States of America and its allies.

By strengthening and developing relationships with private industry, academia, and interagency partners, the FutureG Office promotes the use of common, commercial standards for the Department of Defense (DoD) operations, proliferates open and interoperable technologies, and advances critical next-generation wireless network capabilities.

How we Work with International Partners

The primary objective of the International team is to strengthen new and existing science and technology (S&T) relationships with allies and partners, leading to common standards, open, secure and interoperable technologies, and advanced FutureG/5G warfighting capabilities.

Concept of Operations

  • Collaborate and align with 5G efforts with foreign allies and partners
  • Leverage government approach with 5G efforts
  • Utilize National and DoD interests and priorities


Warfighter Impact

  • Address and fill U.S. technology capability gaps
  • Enable the joint warfighter through the development of secure, interoperable, and resilient capabilities
  • Strengthen and expand coalition participation


How we Work with Federal Agencies

We engage with US Government Agency teams involved in the development & advancement of telecommunications technology in order to seek avenues of partnership/s to support the warfighter.

Concept of Operations

  • Act as liaison/facilitator between engaged partners and FutureG Initiative Teams

Warfighter Impact

  • Continuous two-way engagement between partners through involvement with Consortiums and Interagency Working Groups in alignment with OUSD R&E mission goals