Mission: The DoD Grants & Assistance Awards mission is to ensure the DoD reduces grantee burden while achieving overall grants management excellence. The DoD seeks to deliver unified solutions that benefit the public and protect the warfighter while reducing risk.

Goals: To ensure that DoD grants policy is required, clear and easily implemented, to increase transparency and reduce grantee burden.


1)  What are the DoD Grants Office's notes and responsibilities? The DoD Grants Office establishes public and internal grants management responsibilities for the DoD. We ensure compliance with DGARS and manage all aspects of non-procurement transaction related initiatives within the DoD.

2)  What is an Assistance Award: A type of financial assistance support mechanism (such as a grant or a cooperative agreement) providing money, property or other direct assistance in lieu of money, or both, to an eligible entity to carry out an approved project or activity in support of a public purpose and not the direct benefit of the government.

3)  What is a Cooperative Agreement? A Cooperative Agreement is a legal instrument of financial assistance between a federal awarding agency or pass-through entity and a non-federal entity. It varies from a traditional grant in that a Cooperative Agreement relies on a more substantial partnership between the awarding agency and the awardee.

4)  What is Grants.gov? A government website where applicants may find available funding opportunities and application packages. Applicants will also upload complete application packages to this site.