The primary product of the HFE TAG has been its role in technical information exchange and coordination of HFE research across DoD laboratories and other government agencies. In addition The TAG has developed and produced the following below.

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  • Human Factors Standardization Documents - Electronic documents and reference of human factors standardization documents developed by the Human Factors Standardization SubTAG.
  • Directory of Design Support Methods - Descriptions with points of contact for analytic techniques, software tools, guides and standards.
  • Human Engineering Design Data Digest - A reference of human engineering design criteria and guidelines. The document is a digest of material appearing in MIL-Std-1472, complemented with material from MIL-HDBK-759 and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Human Factors Design Guide.
  • Human Systems Integration Program Plan - Describes the contractor's HSI program, identifies the HSI elements, and how the HSI domains will be managed and integrated with other program elements.
  • Index of Government Standards - A comprehensive list of government specifications
  • Index of Non-Government Standards - A comprehensive list of non-government specifications