Ubiquitous, Secure and Instant Access (USIA)

Ubiquitous, Secure, and Instant Access (USIA) aims to ensure Department of Defense (DoD) personnel and systems have access to secure mobile communications anywhere they operate. At a minimum, DoD users should have access comparable to local government and industry. USIA evaluates 5G integrated technologies, or representative prototype systems, in a realistic operating environment and assesses the maturity, performance, or cost reduction potential. This includes system specific efforts that help expedite technology transition from the laboratory to operational use.

We Aim To:

Provide secure DoD communications for users and devices with secure communication DoD anywhere, anytime.

Exploit growing diversity of DoD, coalition partner, and commercial communication options to the end user as a mechanism to provide always-on, ultra-reliable communication

Secure global (ubiquitous) connectively leverages commercial capabilities and if differences do occur, security issues are the primary distinction between DoD and commercial systems

Assess security providing actionable guidance for varying risks

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