Scientific Integrity Office


Scientific Integrity is the adherence to professional practices, ethical behavior, and the principles of honesty and objectivity when conducting, managing, using the results of, and communicating about science and scientific activities. Inclusivity, transparency, and protection from inappropriate influence are hallmarks of scientific integrity.

Our Leadership

Dr. Kevin T. Geiss

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Science & Technology Futures & DoD Scientific Integrity Officer

Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Science & Technology

Dr. Geiss is a member of the Senior Executive Service and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Science and Technology Futures, in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology (OASD(S&T)). Additionally, Geiss serves as the Scientific Integrity Officer for the Department of Defense (DoD). He is responsible for integration and oversight of DoD science and technology (S&T) and guides long-term strategic direction to provide United States forces with technological superiority. He also leads manufacturing and sustainment technology, munitions, technology transfer, and nuclear delivery systems programs, and is responsible for four of the DoD's 14 technology areas, including critical research in areas such as quantum science, FutureG wireless, advanced materials, and biotechnology.

Geiss’ previous positions include tours at the Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Headquarters, Department of the Army Staff, and White House.

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